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Carpet Cleaning Process

SpotOFF Carpet Cleaners in the Columbus Area

SpotOFF Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners knows that a healthy home starts with a clean carpet. Your carpet and upholstery are the biggest filters of air and one of the largest investments in your home. The biggest enemies against your carpet are dirt, friction and pet odor. SpotOFF Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners of Central Ohio uses a method known as Hot Water Extraction (reaching temperatures of 220 degrees and more) to protect your investments. SpotOFF Carpet cleaners in Ohio uses the most advanced carpet cleaning methods and equipment available today and is always looking for the newest and best in carpet cleaning technology.


Our IICRC Certified Technicians use steam cleaning to eliminate dirt, pollens, dust mites and animal dander from your carpet. The hot water extraction/steam cleaning method is the preferred and recommended by most carpet manufacturers. One of the main reasons is heat. We get it Hot! Enough to emulsify the oils, grease and many other soluble soils in your carpeting.


Indoor air quality can be many times worse than outdoor air quality. Environmental Studies show breathing contaminated air can be especially harmful to people with respiratory and allergy problems as well as being harmful to babies and elderly. Professional steam cleaning from SpotOFF Carpet Cleaners combined with regular vacuuming (at least once a week) not only keeps your carpet looking great but healthy as well.


Even though our pets may be


there will be accidents that will happen on your carpet and upholstery. This will not only cause staining but also cause pet odor throughout your home.  SpotOFF offers an enzyme spray or injection process that attacks the pet odor all the way down into the pad.


When we apply a protectant to your carpet (ask SpotOFF about service) it allows the carpet to be stain resistant and clean up just as well in future cleanings. Most spills will clean up easier as the protective treatment helps to resist soiling, helps block stains and repel spills as well.


Giving prompt attention to spills and accidents can often mean the difference between removing a stain and it becoming a permanent stain. If your carpet has been treated with a protective fiber treatment (ask SpotOFF about service) it should respond to spot cleaning with our spot out solution.